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Privacy Policy and use of Cookies on our website


CANTO Learning Ltd are committed to respecting your online privacy and recognise your need for appropriate protection and management of any personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”) you share with us.

Personal Information means any information that may be used to identify an individual, including, but not limited to, a first and last name, a home or other physical address, an e-mail address or other contact information, whether at work or at home. In general, you can visit our web pages without telling us who you are or revealing any Personal Information about yourself.

Cookies and other Tracking Technologies.

Some of our web pages utilise “cookies” and other tracking technologies. A “cookie” is a small text file that may be used, for example, to collect information about web site activity. Some cookies and other technologies may serve to recall Personal Information previously indicated by a web user. Most browsers allow you to control cookies, including whether or not to accept them and how to remove them.

You may set most browsers to notify you if you receive a cookie or you may choose to block cookies with your browser, but please note that if you choose to erase or block your cookies, you will need to re-enter your original user ID and password to gain access to certain areas of our website.

Tracking technologies may record information such as Internet domain and host names; Internet protocol (IP) addresses; browser software and operating system types; clickstream patterns; and dates and times that our site is accessed. Our use of cookies and other tracking technologies allows us to improve our web site and your web experience. We may also analyze information that does not contain Personal Information for trends and statistics.

To protect your privacy, we have adopted the following principles:



Should CANTO Learning Ltd collect Personal Information on the web, we will post a purpose statement that explains why Personal Information will be collected and whether we plan to share such Personal Information outside of CANTO Learning Ltd or those working on our behalf. CANTO Learning Ltd will not transfer Personal Information without your consent to third parties who are not bound to act on our behalf unless such transfer is legally required.

You may choose whether or not to provide Personal Information to CANTO Learning Ltd. If you chose to have a relationship with CANTO Learning Ltd, such as a contractual or other business relationship or partnership, we will naturally continue to contact you in connection with that business relationship.


Wherever your Personal Information may be held within CANTO Learning Ltd or on its behalf, we take reasonable and appropriate steps to protect the Personal Information that you share with us from unauthorised access or disclosure.


We are committed to privacy and actively undertake preserve individual privacy rights on the Internet. Protecting your privacy on-line is an evolving area, and our website and security are constantly evolving to meet these demands.


By using this web site, you consent to the terms of our Privacy and Cookies Policy and to CANTO Learning Ltd Personal Information for the purposes given above as well as those explained should we collect Personal Information on the web.

We are committed to protecting your right to privacy. CANTO Learning Ltd respects your privacy and we will use our best efforts to ensure that the information you provide to us remains private.

For control of our business, our website logs IP addresses, which is the automatic number assigned to your computer when you surf the web. The IP address allows us to anonymously track visitors’ usage on our website. Your IP address is not connected to any personally identifiable or on-line contact information like a name and address, so you remain anonymous at all times.


When you first visit our we will ask you for consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy.  If you give consent then cookies will be stored on your device.

To do this you should click on the 'Got it' button.  You can however find out how to manage your preferences by using the 'Learn More' button.

About Cookies

A cookie is a file containing an identifier (a string of letters and numbers) that is sent by a web browser and is stored by your web browser.

The next time and subsequent times that you visit the website, the pc checks to see if it has a cookie which relates to the website and if a cookie is present, it is then sent back to the server.  The server recognizes the connection as one that has been made on an earlier occasion and can provide relevant information based on the content of the cookie.  It is the website's way to ask you, automatically, 'have you been here before', if you have the server will act accordingly.

Types of Cookie

Cookie's may either be persistent cookies or session cookies and all cookies have an expiry date and time feature.

Persistent cookies will be stored by your web browser and will remain on your device until the cookies expiry date, unless the cookie is deleted by you before hand.

Session cookies, on the other hand session cookies will be stored by your web browser and will expire at the end of your session, such as when you log out of the website or when the web browser is closed.

Cookies do not typically contain any information that personally identifies you, but it is possible that other information we store about you maybe linked to the information stored in and obtained from cookies.

Does our College perform such links?

No we have no need or reason a the current time to link any information from cookies to any other information we may hold about you.

Cookies that we use

We can use both session and persistent cookies on our site but those used for general access and the accessing of standard pages are persistent cookies.  As this website was created through the use of a Wix template, cookies that are an active part of such a template are listed below.  At the present time no additional tracking such as Google analytics and used by CANTO Learning Ltd. 

Cookie Name                                            Life Span                                              Purpose

svSession                                                   Persistent                                              Identifies unique visitors and tracks a 

                                                                                                                             session on site

hs                                                              Session                                                 Security

XSRF-TOKEN                                              Persistent                                              Security

smSession                                                 Persistent (two weeks)                            Identifies logged in site members

TSxxxxxxxx (X is replaced with a                 Persistent                                              Security 

random series of letters and numbers)

Blocking Cookies

Most browsers allow you to refuse cookies; for example

In Internet Explorer (version 11) you can block cookies using the cookie handling override settings available by clicking 'Tools', 'internet options', 'privacy' and then 'advanced'. 

In 'Firefox' (version 47) you can block all cookies by clicking 'tools', 'options', 'privacy', selecting 'use common settings for history' from the drop down menu, and unticking accept cookies from sites.

In Chrome (Version 52) you can block all cookies by accessing the 'Customise and Control' menu, and clicking 'settings', 'show advanced' settings and 'content settings', and then selecting 'Block sites from setting any data' unde the 'Cookies' heading.

Blocking cookies may have a negative impact on your browsing experience whilst on our sites.

If you do block cookies you may not be able to use all of the features on our website, you may possibly find that some pages fail to load.

You can find our how to manage your preferences relating to the use of cookies by visiting website:

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