Students on our Link Programme are funded through a variety of means.  This can be through Personal Budgets, Care Management, NHS Teams or any alternative source.  There is a daily charge for this programme following an assessment by staff.  

Students on Link can access various work shops that are offered as part of the programme.  These work shops are all half day activities.  Students can choose from a range of options dependent on attendance including work centre, hospitality, products, cookery, sports, animal care, maths and english, ICT, horticulture and design.  As the programme can be tailored to an individuals interests they may decide to attend for half days or whole days.  Sessions take place in groups of between 5 & 8, and can be for up to 5 days week  In certain cases it maybe  appropriate for an individual on Link to obtain additional funding for 1:1 support within sessions.  

For more information call the Leadership Team.

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