Recent News

After over not running for over 12 months CANTO was pleased to re-start its activity evenings on a Monday in October.  This saw students and staff have a great time and was quickly followed by a second event on Monday 15th November.  Whilst most places are taken for these events currently do get in touch for more information on our additional events for students.

Students were pleased to the Northampton Mayor during Wednesday 6th October.  The Mayor Cllr Rufia Ashraf visited our college and students had the chance to ask her a variety of questions, including whether she liked unicorns.  The Mayor spent some time chatting with students and staff as well as having a tour of our building.

The evening of Monday 12th July saw staff and students connect virtually to celebrate the achievements of our students during the course of the academic year.  Whilst staff gathered in the CANTO grounds students connected to Zoom and we were all able to see each other as we celebrated.  It was a great night and despite the tricky circumstances of the last 12-18 months amazing to recognise the progress that all of the students had made.


Following the Easter break we have seen the return of more students following a period of time shielding, it is great to see these students return to our building.  Although this has seen some of our group sizes grow we continue to work in small groups and have numerous measures in place around the building to ensure all remain as safe as possible.  We believe that we will be implementing measures such as limited access around the building, breaks taken within session rooms and remaining in one tutor group along with practical measures such as regular cleaning, and table top screens until at least the end of the academic year.  

During the current lockdown staff are working hard to ensure that students are still able to access learning through our centre despite the limitations of the pandemic.  Packs of work are being sent out by tutors along with scheduled on-line sessions, if you are unsure when sessions are taking place please do get in touch with us on our number above.  Thanks for your understanding.

Online Workshop

Possibly not a surprise to many of us but January 2021 see's the re-introduction of lockdown as the country along with many others continues to battle against the pandemic.  CANTO however has re-opened following the Christmas/New Year holidays although many of our students are currently shielding.  We await the day in hopefully March/April when more of our students can return and in the mean time continue to work in small groups, with access to areas of the buildings severely limited.  We continue to work hard to make sure all staff and students are kept as safe as possible.

Whilst we would take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year as indicated on our home page we share that we have extended our Christmas Break.

In response to the governments introduction of Christmas bubbles we have taken the decision to extend our break until Monday 11th January 2020.  This allows all staff and students time to re-establish their own bubbles and we believe this will give us the best chance for all to remain healthy and safe.  

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Christmas Jumper Day.jpg

Students and staff at CANTO Learning were able to get into the spirit of Christmas on 9th December 2020 by supporting Save The Children with their annual appeal.  Students and staff wore if they wished a Christmas jumper to support this worthy cause.   

CANTO Learning began Academic Year 2020-2021 as planned on the 9th September 2020.  Although there are some changes to our programme due to the current pandemic it is great to see students and staff returning to commence this academic year.  We look forward to seeing what our students achieve this year despite the new challenges we will all face this year. 


Although CANTO Learning remained closed for longer than I believe any of us expected initially we are pleased to say that we have started our phased re-opening.  It was been great to see some of our students and staff re-enter the building for the first time over the last week or so.  We continue to work hard to make sure all can remain as safe as possible but it is good to see these first cautious steps taking place.

During the lockdown period CANTO Learning had to say farewell to a member of staff.  Monique who was part of the senior leadership team has decided to step away from her role although she will continue as an active trustee.  We thank Monique for the hard work she put into our new business venture alongside others in the SLT.  We are sure that these new areas will bring great opportunities to our students.

Monday  the 20th January 2020 saw staff, trustees and students wish Barrie Willis well as he retired from his role as chair of trustees.  Barrie founded CANTO Ltd in 1992 and for his work in serving his community through CANTO he earned an MBE several years ago.  Although Barrie had retired from CANTO and the day to day running sometime ago he has more recently played an active part as chair of trustees.  All were able to recognise the huge part Barrie has played in the creation of our organisation.