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Our CANTO stories


A quick look at some of the progressions some of our past and present students have made whilst at CANTO.


Rorey had been at Northampton College and enjoyed his time there but had reached a point where there was no progression route for him at college.  Rorey then didn't have anything to do for a period of time.  Rorey came to look around CANTO in August 2011 and was a bit unsure but thought he would give the summer programme 'STEPS' a go.    


Rorey did not find it easy to settle into the pattern of activities when he first began attending.  He would often leave sessions and struggled to focus on the work he was given.  Rorey could only manage to stay in session for 15-20 minutes at a time and found it really difficult to communicate his anxieties and feelings to the staff.  Through work in 1:1 sessions Rorey became much more able to focus.  As his time at CANTO increased his work in sessions improved, he has now reached the stage where he rarely leaves a session room and he has been able to show us some of the great skills he has.  Rorey's family comment on how he is more sociable at home since attending CANTO and how much better he is at coping with change in his routine.


Rorey has really enjoyed going to Phoenix and has worked very well with support from the tutors in this new place.  Rorey's family and his care manager feel that CANTO is the right place for Rorey long term and have been able to secure funding for him to now have a place on our LINK programme.


Chrissie has been attending CANTO for a few years after initially joining us on our iCan programme.  Chrissie attended Billing Brook School before moving onto college.  Chrissie settled into her time at CANTO well and over the first two years undertook a variety of sessions and qualifications aimed at developing her self-confidence along with building her academic achievement in areas of interest.  

Chrissie also joined a group accessing our work centre and over time has shown both developing work skills along with self-confidence and independence.

More recently Chrissie began to access a supported work experience placement on a Friday assisting at a local coffee morning. Initially Chrissie needed support to interact with customers and volunteers but has made great progress whilst accessing this placement and will now chat with those she is working with along with those she serves on a regular basis.  She receives great feedback from those she assists and looks forward to her Friday placement.

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