Our Teams

 At CANTO we have a very diverse student group not only in it's academic ability but also in the funding streams used to attend, age range of the students and days of attendance.  So that all students are access a programme appropriate to themselves we have 3 core teams which the students are a part of.  In addition to these teams we have students on 

Supported Internships - 

Faraday - Students attend CANTO on education based funding, usually with an EHCP but can attend without an EHCP up to their 19th Birthday.  Students can access a variety of vocational sessions as well as functional skills sessions. Students may also undertake supported and unsupported work placements.

Dyson Students Are both education and local authority funded students who require a higher level of support, some of these students have full time 1:1 support.  

The group is named after Sir James Dyson, inventor of perhaps the most recognizable consumer vacuum on the market today.  Dyson spent 15 years and built 5,127 prototypes before the first model DC01 would prove successful in 1993.

Turing - Students are funded through Local Authority, personal budgets etc.


Alan Turing- During the Second World War Alan Turing worked for the Government Code and Cypher School.  His work was key in cracking the German Enigma Code which helped win the war.  In 1936, Alan Turing dreamed up the idea of the modern computer and he even wondered if computers would ever be as smart as humans.

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