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Supported Work Groups - Tuck Box


CANTO are delighted to be able to offer the opportunity for students to learn some basic works based skills within our two work groups.  These groups operate with a small number students working with support from 1 or 2 members of staff dependent on student needs.


Our first group of students currently operate a voluntary tuck box through several local businesses.  These students are responsible for the re-stocking of each box ensuring there is sufficient float within the honesty box and stock present.  They check which items are in demand against those that aren't and endeavour to replenish the items appropriately.

Supported Work Groups -


Our second group of students visit a local Northamptonshire church on a weekly basis to clean it.  The group is made up of mixed abilities and normally spend one half day a week doing this.  They are supported by two members of staff to ensure that all who engage in this activity are able to participate in some way.  A wide variety of students have been able to access this work placement and engage in activities.

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