Rocket Style Chair made by students in our work centre.jpg
Clay effect necklaces made in Craft.jpg
Mosaic Tigers Made in The Gateway Project in work on cultures.jpg
A few images or what some of our students have been up to in recent weeks, a group in our work centre have created a rocket shaped chair, in craft they have made a marble clay effect necklace whilst in the Gateway group they have been looking at cultures and created the lovely Tiger mosaic.

Have you popped in for a coffee yet?  We are now open to the public why not pop in for a lovely coffee, whether it be americano, cappuccino, latte or expresso and maybe try a bit of cake too. 

The interior of our coffee shop
Red Velvet Cake with Pink Butter Icing.jpg
Lemon Drizzle Cake.jpg
Gooey White Chocolate Rocky Road.jpg

Just some of the lovely treats that have been served in the coffee shop recently, red velvet cake, gooey white chocolate rocky road and lemon drizzle cake. 

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