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Special Educational Needs and Disability


Disabilities, learning difficulties and health issues.


Our specialist staff are able to support students with a wide range of special education needs, including learning difficulties, health problems and disabilities.  As an organisation we are celebrating our 30th year and have throughout this time worked with students with a range of learning difficulties/disabilities.  We are experienced in providing support to students with a large range of special education needs such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism, down's syndrome, PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance), moderate learning difficulty,  epilepsy, mental health issues and a wide variety of other diagnosis.  We offer all of our students the opportunity to work within small groups of 4 - 8 to support their development.  Each student has individual targets set and receives support from not only their tutors/trainers but from their keyworker, intervention team and programme lead.

Functional Skills - Students have the opportunity to access regular sessions aimed at building their maths, English and ICT skills.  These can be through either our functional skills sessions building towards taking an assessment at any level from Entry 1 to Level 2.  Our practical projects sessions focus on building maths and English skills to support students independence in a practical way.  As we work with students with a wide range of additional learning support needs all of these sessions take place in small groups of 4 - 8 students.

Specialist tutors, IAG specialists, high needs team and 1:1 support staff -   We have a staff team that has received specialist training in working with individuals with special education needs.  Dependent on individuals circumstances we are able to offer varying levels of support from a dedicated 1:1 worker to sessional support.  We offer  students access to information advice and guidance where students in a supportive environment can explore their ideas for the future. Our high needs team can intervene and through liason with home plan activities to further support students learning. Through the support we offer as a staff team we aim to build a students skills towards growing their independence skills and if appropriate their future progression opportunities.

Subjects - At CANTO we offer all of our students the opportunity to explore a multitude of possible options.   These vary dependent upon whether attending on a social care or education funded programme but both offer a good mix a variety of vocational activity, English and maths, independent living skills and chance to develop social skills amongst a range of planned activities.

Work Placements -  CANTO is proud to say that we offer all of our additonal learning support students the opportunity to undertake some form of work placement.  This maybe at our specialist work centre, workshop, in a voluntary centre, within one of our work groups, in a supported external work placement or an unsupported external work placement.

Education Health & Care Plans -  If your young person has an Education Health & Care Plan (EHCP) it is important that a copy of this is brought to an initial interview.  This helps us to assess what support the young person will need and  ensure that we put the right support in place so that they are able to achieve their outcomes.

Interested in what we can offer? Students who have an interest in starting a programme at CANTO can do this by contacting us on Tel No 01604 741150 or emailing us on We will then arrange a convenient time to visit and undertake an initial interview.  If felt appropriate we can then arrange a number of taster days to help with the transistion into CANTO.  For students over the age of 18 from September 2016 students will either need to have an Education Health & Care Plan to access educational funding or have secured funding through an alternative form such as social and health care funding.

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