Study Programmes


Study Programmes are funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency.  This programme is available to all aged 16-18 or 19+ if the individual has an educational statement and a education health & care plan.  The programme funds attendance for up to three days a week.

Students on our iCan programme have a wide range of sessions which are designed to not only build academic achievement but also the individuals personal and social and livings skills.  Students will undertake sessions in maths, English and ICT as a core part of their timetable whilst also having sessions focused on personal and social skills.  Dependent on individual students the programme maybe more practically based with sessions in which they access the community or built to support academic achievement through the achievement of functional skills qualifications in maths, English and ICT along with vocational qualifications.  Our functional skill and vocationally based sessions take place in small groups of 5-8 in size.  All students will access either our new work centre or work shop to develop practical work based skills along with personal and social skills that can be learnt in this environment.  Our vocational qualifications are currently focused in three areas these are Art and Design, Cookery and Photography.  Dependent on both student circumstances and progression within the course students may undertake work placements and alongside this undertake qualifications aimed at developing Employability skills. The study programme can be very flexible and adapt to individuals needs dependent on the individuals circumstances.  Please contact us to find out about  what we may be able to offer.

Contact our leadership team for further details.

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