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Our 'Ngage programme is funded by either the Local Education Authority or an individual school and is accessible to students who are over the age of 14 and in years 10 or 11.  


Students who access our 'Ngage programme have a number of options open to them. Following agreement from the LEA, School and professionals working with the young person an appropriate programme can be agreed.  This programme can vary greatly and an individual timetable is created. In the past this has ranged from attending our centre for approximately four hours a week up to attending for four full days. A student can access option areas, core subjects or a combination of both.  Our core subjects are maths, English, ICT and life skills, with possible options including animal care, art and design, cookery, dance, drama, music, and photography.  Some students have enjoyed their time on 'Ngage so much that they have returned to us following the conclusion of their school education on an iCan study programme to further develop their skills.

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